Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What's up?

Wow what a long pause since my last post. My life is super busy with a baby & a toddler. Firas is 6 months now, so adorable & so heavy now.
Hello people !

In case you are wondering what im up to
Now, you can follow my biz instagram @hanikira my raya collection will launch tomorrow. Im so excited already 😀 ok mommies jgn lupa beli baju raya cantik2 utk little girls dari hanikira tau. Byebye

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

He has arrived!

If uolss follow my instagram (@arniyusnita.ahmad) you'll probably know that i gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 18 days ago, to be exact on 10.10.15 (nice date kan?). I was induced due to low level of amniotic fluid 2 weeks before my due date. The delivery experiences were totally different from my first. Apparently i had placenta abruption & the cord was wrapped around baby's neck. Baby is really strong, so mommy doesn't have to go to an emergency c-section. Praise to Allah and million thanks to families & friends for solat hajat & doa.
hot from the oven
Kuddos to hubby berjaya jugak dia snap this precious moment ;) Last time with Hani he got panicked sebab Hani sudah berak before she was born. Warna hitam tu adalah darah beku/lama sebab placenta dah tanggal awal dari uterus. Doctor kata about 3/4 dah tertanggal, and most probably dah start tanggal 2  days before. Syukur sangat dengar nasihat doctor untuk bersalin awal, mana nak tahu benda lain nak jadi pulak kan. 
This photo was taken on his 5th day.
Assalammualaikum, mommy & daddy namakan saya Muhammad Firas Iskandar bin Nur Zhafran.
Panjangkan hihi. Firas tu maksudnya pahlawan atau cerdik. Toktan pulak suruh daddy letak Muhammad kat depan, and Iskandar tu nama favourite mommy.
Alhamdulillah, such an adorable baby ;)
Baby Firas with his cheeky sister, Kakak Hani. She is so obsessed with adik. 
Our pride & joy! 

Ok ada lagi gambar but uolss bole tgk kat instagram lah. Thank you for reading this.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

37weeks: diarrhea

Fuhh penatnya ulang alik ke toilet. I had diarrhea since yesterday. Hari ni je dah passing stool 5 kali. Never experienced this with with my first, tapi setelah google di internet diarrhea akhir2 pregnancy ni fairly normal. This is how a body is preparing for the labour. I still have 21days until due date and not sure how long this diarrhea will last. Aii memang tak tahanlah asik cirit birit je pastu still ada 3weeks to go before due date. Whatever it is i must pack my hospital bag by today!!