Monday, April 13, 2015

Life updates

Alhamdulillah another bundle of joy is on the way ;)
our second baby will be joining us in October InshaaAllah.
First trimester kali ni better than masa mengandungkan Hani. Alahan tak teruk sangat but it only get worst during evening. Still i'm so tired sebab kena jaga Hani and she still fully breastfeeding. Im trying to introduce to formula but she refused it. It will takes time i know, so sesiapa yang ada tips macam mana nak help weaning boleh lah drop komen ye.
our sweet little pie is 11 months now. Dah mula bertatih, memanjat & produce a few words.
Ni gambar kat pantai balok last 2 weeks. First time Hani tengok pantai and main pasir. Pasir pun dia nak rasa hehe.
Anugerah Allah yang paling berharga ;)
syukur to the growing family ;)

Thanks for reading this.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Busy days

This is my latest project for hanikira. It's a plaid hi-low dress for cute little girl.
i love this plaid white and purple pattern. Sewing it so challenging i must say >.< the bodice come with cotton lining, so comfortable &breathable perfect for your baby.
I add 3 cute buttons at the bodice and used scrap from previous project to make a cute pocket.

uols boleh order at 
Available for 0-18m baby. I will upload the details at hanikira blog soon sebab tengah finalize the correct measurement. Meantime uolss just mention umur baby and length of the skirt yang uolss nak.

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